January 22nd: the moment

Initiated by his spiritual father Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmad At-Tidjani Cherif, during their first encounter in this Chahaada world in 1997, the road has been long for Mawlaya Seydi Mouhamed ElCheikh. Young, ambitious, endowed with all the signs indicated by the Prophet of Islam, Seydina Mouhammad, Peace and blessings be upon him, how many generations awaited him in vain?

Today is finally time for the revelation to the world, the beginning of his universal mission, that of Imam Al Mahdi Al Mountazar, on Saturday January 29nd, 2022. A revolution of Ahmadian and Mouhamadian spiritual lights. His companions, we see them “all dressed in Green, hands raised in front of their guide Mawlaya Seydi Mouhamed ElCheikh and chanting Allahou Nouroullahi Laillaha illallah. With superb momentum, he walks with giant strides to proclaim the unicity of God, the Lord of the visible and invisible Worlds. This is the announcement of good news for humanity.”

The missionary of the end of times will thus reach his 40th birthday, according to the Muslim calendar. He replaces his mantle of “Khoutboul Akhtaboul Kabir”, with that of the long-awaited Imam Al Mountazar, to guide the Muslim world towards equity, peace and prosperity in this last century.