Origin of Salatoul Fatihi

Bismilahi Rahmani Rahim.  I begin by thanking Allah the almighty, the omnipresent, the omnipotent and the omniscient. To his prophet servant and friend, the sovereign Muhammad (PSL) who is the essence of blessings, the light of the hearts, the source of divine mercy and the beloved of Allah (praised be He). To his servant, the spiritual son of the Prophet Muhammad, the holder of the secrets of the universe, the direct intermediary between the prophet of Islam and the other prophets, the source of absolute power, the essence of mysteries, the purveyor of lights, the ruler of the government of Allah, the Khalif of “Al-bast”, I would like to name his excellency Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmed ibnou Muhammad At-tijani Cherif (RTA).

My dear brothers, I would like to share with you the story of a light that has spread to the hearts and souls through the grace of Cheikh Tijani Cherif.


·     Salatoul Fatiha derives its originality from the sacred source of “Al-bast”. It is a light invigorated in its metaphysical form by Allah the creator of beings. This light is represented as a star shape in which each of its five (5) branches was inhabited by an “ulouhiyaat” that is, a twinkle of divine light.

·      The first branch of this star commanded by the “ouhiyaat” Allahou was composed of two bright seas: “Asshadjaratine Mubarakatine” (the light of the sacred fruit) and the other sea in a station of “Arch” called “Zaytounatin” (the olive tree by excellence). Inside this luminous branch, seated 10 billion Malayikas (angels) surrounded by a circle of 201 Nawaamiss (guardian angels of the restricted circle) in which the voice of excellence rang out (Allahoumma salli alaa sayyidina mouhammadine il faatihi limaa oughlikha). This light emanated from this branch was a ball of light that submerged the luminous sea of “Al-bast” called Bahroul Kanzi.

·      In the second branch of the star, one could see a gigantic torrent of light that carried with him the 313 prophets sent and each had in his hand a bottle with which he drew from the light of the torrent where one could read in gold writings “Wal khaatimi limaa sabakha.” This light poured over a sea whose waters are composed of 25 billion rays of light. Each ray is held by an angel who sang the glories of the prophet in these words “Maa kaana Muhammadane abaa ahadine mine ridjaalikoum wa laakine rassoulallaahi wa khaatimine nabi-iine wa kaanal laahou bi koulli chay-ine aliime”. And these sounds resonated throughout the universe of “Al-bast” where one could see with each melody the hidden side of Allah projecting a light towards the top of his hut.

·      In the third branch of the star was a 300-room apartment and in each room sounded the zikr “An-naassiril hakhi bil hakhi”, 30 “malayikas” (angels) sat in each room and their voices overhanging the whole atmosphere of “Al-bast” in which one could see the name of the prophet Muhammad written in gold under the pseudonym of Seydi Ahmed.

·      In the fourth branch of the star circulated an angel who had in his hands three thousand pieces of gold metal and in each of these pieces of metal, one could read a letter written in diamond “Wal haadi ilaa siraatikal moustakhiime”; countless angels emerged from these rooms from which nestled twenty bright seas in red colors that took their springs in a horizon of “Al-bast” called “nourou rahmati” (the light of mercy).

·      In the fifth and final branch of the star, a mountain of light could be seen circling a well. Above the mountain there was a man in his twenties who was sitting watching a strange phenomenon (this man was Mouhammad Damrawi). Ten thousand angels were like washing in the well and then going out, another incalculable number came in and drew water from the well that looked like a green light that could be heard singing “Wa âlaa aalihi hâkha khadrihi wa mikhdaarihil âziime.”

The star could be seen vibrating with its five branches to the rhythm of the angels who sang in chorus the same song as the light.

A man in his sixties with a radiant face told me: here is a salat that none of the beings could recite without his exploding. And it was there that I saw a strange man coming out of a tunnel who plunged the climax of the box, surrounded by five different seas, each of which originated in a different place from the other.

The first in the sea of divine light “Bahroul Ulouhiyaat”. The second originated in the sea of the prophecy “Bahroul Nabawiyaat”. The third in the sea of light “Bahroul Miftaah”. The fourth in the sea of purity “Bahroul Kounouz” and the last in the sea of power “bahroul kanzi”.

This man was on his way to the top of the hut, he had the human appearance, aged 40 years, the light was dripping from his forehead, his beautiful hair was gleaming, his gait was fast; he looked like a person of exceptional character, the smell of perfume his body gave off was more delicious than a musk; he was dressed in a red coat that looked like a sun colliding with a molten moon, his eyes were clear white and black with no trace; when he looked at you it was like a lamp that gave off ten thousand watts per third.

He walked forward with an assured step and arrived near the star with his five miraculous branches, took it in his hands and exclaimed: “I am Sheikh At-tijani, holder of this salat called ”salaatoul fatiha”. All those who recite within the branches of this star do so under my order; I am the Khalif of God and the Prophet Muhammad (PSL) in everything, and all those who must come here will pass through me because I am the door to the divine blessing and light of the prophet Muhammad (PSL).”  It is at this moment that a man in his sixties comes out of the box and says, “By divine light, everything this man has said is divine truth, I approve and guarantee it.” Then the man who is none other than the prophet Muhammad (PSL) walked towards Sheikh Tijani and together they revealed the hidden “Zikr”.

“Allâhouma alli alaa sayyidinaa Mouhammadine il fatihi limâ oughlikha wal khaatimi limaa sabakha An-naaçiril hakhi bil hakhi, wal haadi ilaa çiraatikal moustakhiimi wa alaa aalihi hakha khadrihi wa mikhdaarihilim azi.

Thus, a gigantic ball of light bursts the star into five (5) pieces in which one could read:

  • First piece: Allâhouma alali alaa sayyidinaa Mouhammadine il fatihi limâ oughlikha.
  • Second piece: Allâhouma alali alaa sayyidinaa Mouhammadine wal khaatimi limaa sabakha.
  • Third piece: Allâhouma alli alaa sayyidinaa Mouhammadine An-naaçiril hakhi bil hakhi.
  • Fourth piece: Allâhouma alali alaa sayyidinaa Mouhammadine wal haadi ilaa çiraatikal moustakhiimi.
  • Fifth piece: Allâhouma alali alaa sayyidinaa Mouhammadine wa alaa aalihi hakha khadrihi wa mikhdaarihil aziim.

And these are the five pieces that sparkled in the world “ghayb” thus causing billions of years later a flame of light that Sheikh Tijani asked “Khoutboul Akhtaaboul Kabîr” on his order to show this flame to Mouhammadoul Bikri after that he spent 22 years in a spiritual retreat underground. And this is the true story of the origin of the “Salaatoul Fatiha” that our beloved and master Mawlaya Sheikh Tijani Cherif used to embellish the world of divine mercy and an unparalleled light that all holy souls should necessarily taste to attend the Khadaratoul Ilaahiya.

Thank you, may the great Sheikh bless you enormously “inchaAllah” with the blessing of the prophet Muhammad (PSL).