The Great pilgrimage of 2019 (Hajj 1440)

The Mystical Essence of IMAM AL MAHDI

The entry into Mecca of the last great missionary of the end times was intended to recover the essence of his soul that has been kept in the black stone Hajaratoul Aswad for 700 million years.

Many Saints have already encountered the essence of Imam Al Mahdi’s soul in Mecca. Among them are Imam Al Ghazali, Cheikh Abdul Khadr Jaylâni, Imamoul Jouneyni, Mouhamadoul Ghali and El Hadj Omar Foutiyou Tall, as well as other Awliyâs who have met in dreams the essence of Imam Al Mahdi’s soul, without their names being inscribed in the celestial writings. 

As Imam al-Mahdi has recovered the essence of his soul during this 2019 hajj, it is impossible for him to stay 3 more years without his mission starting effectively. Therefore, once the essence has integrated the soul of Imam al-Mahdi, he will be known by the whole world by 2022. When he went in front of the black stone Hajaratoul Aswad, his soul and mystical essence acted together as two magnets that attract each other.

However, it was in Arafat that the union took place on August 10th 2019. Thus, once the integration of the essence into his soul was effective, it gave him immeasurable strength and power.

The Khoutboul Aktaboul kabir, Mawlaya Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh