The image: a mode of communication with the invisible world

Bibarakati khoutboul akhtaboul kaabir Seydina wa Mawlanaa Hadji Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh. 
Life is a miracle and many of us do not enjoy this wonder.  Did you know that: The image is a mode of communication with the invisible world. An image is understood by beings who speak completely different languages.

This is why in our dreams of great events, in prophetic visions and in most of its manifestations, the invisible world communicates with earthly entities and humans through symbolic means. Some of these signs constituting the elements of the language of the invisible world have been seen by viewers to form means of communication between two worlds.

St. Louis

Numbers and some special characters form the elements of this sacred language that is used to build khaatimes for example. These influence the plan that is related to the graphic characters that make them up. The khatims represent cosmic influences that act on the star of the person or a place of action. It intervenes directly on the essence of the functionnal mechanism of any living creation in order to influence it for good or ill.

As we know every Arabic letter, being a name of God or verse of the Qur’an is accompanied by his day of dedicated influence, his accompanying rouhaniyou and sometimes an angel who assures its protection.

Seydi Mactar Thioub