Zawiya of Mawlaya Cheikh

The new city MedinaCheikh Tijani was established by Mawlaya Seydi Mouhammed ElCheikh in 2010. It is a: spiritual training center in the Tariqa Tidjaniya, a mystical base of Cheikhou Tidjani, a university of Ahmadian and Muhamadian lights. Inside, you will find the Zawiya of Mawlaya Cheikh Ahmad At-Tidjani, which has been built progressively since 2016. […]

The Tidjani path

By Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh I begin by glorifying the name of the Prince of the Universe, the ocean of lights, symbol of divine gratitude, lord of the Ornimists*, provider of wealth, catalyst of powers, exclusive holder of divine and prophetic secrets. He is the supreme leader of the elect, commander of the hidden poles, happy […]

The image: a mode of communication with the invisible world

Bibarakati khoutboul akhtaboul kaabir Seydina wa Mawlanaa Hadji Seydi Mouhamed El Cheikh. Life is a miracle and many of us do not enjoy this wonder.  Did you know that: The image is a mode of communication with the invisible world. An image is understood by beings who speak completely different languages. This is why in our […]

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